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1. How do I get a new domestic connection?

Ans. Jyothi Gas is available for domestic use in 12 kg capacity cylinders with our authorized distributors/dealers spread across. To avail a new connection just fill up the enquiry form and our customer service executive will contact you with more details. The customer service executives will arrange a new connection to be delivered to your door step subject to the acceptance of the terms and conditions for the new connection.

2. What are the documents that I need to submit to get a new connection?
Ans. Basic KYC documents are only required to avail your Jyothi Gas domestic connection.

3. What are the charges for getting a new connection?
Ans. The existing charges for a new connection are as follows:

New Connection Charges


Cylinder Deposit

Rs. 800/-

Registration Charges

Rs. 975/-+GST


Rs. 325/-

Refill charges *

As applicable

*-The price of LPG varies as per the changes in International markets.

Refund of Cylinder deposit policy –

Within completion of first year – full refund.

After one year – Refund after deducting 25% depreciation charges for every passing year.


The existing cost of refill applicable for your respective market would be provided by the customer service executive at the time of collecting the details for the issue of new connection.


4. Why is the price of LPG Refill higher than the PSU LPG Refill?
Ans. Domestic LPG prices of the government companies are regulated by the government of India and do not reflect the realities of high crude and refined product prices. Moreover the PSU LPG refill prices are subsidized by the government through issuance of oil bonds to the public sector oil companies. This compensation is not available for private LPG marketers, hence price of LPG refill is higher than PSU LPG refill.

5. What are the documents that I shall receive after getting a new connection?
Ans. You shall receive a Consumer number, original subscription voucher and cash memo.

6. What is it that I need to check when I receive my refill cylinder?
Ans. The seal of the cylinder should be intact. The safety cap should not have any cracks. You will receive a cash memo for the payment towards LPG refill.

7. In case of assistance whom should I contact?
Ans. In case of assistance required you can get in touch with our corporate office through our number 080-43404040.

8. How do I transfer my Jyothi Gas connection?
Ans. You are required to surrender your original subscription voucher to your distributor/dealer. The distributor/dealer shall verify the document and issue a transfer voucher to you. The transfer voucher should be produced to your new distributor/dealer who would service you and you will receive your LPG refill in future.

9. In case of requirement of commercial cylinders whom should I contact?
Ans. Our Corporate offices will assist you for your requirement and see to that your requirements are fulfilled as per your need.

10. How do I log a complaint?
Ans. In case of any complaints/suggestions/feedback you are welcome to contact us by sending a mail through “Contact us” or call us on our Customer care number 080-43404040 during office hours.

11. How do I locate the nearest Jyothi Gas distributor/dealer near my location?
Ans. Please use the “Dealer Network” of our website to locate the address nearest to your location. Please check on the feature frequently as we are expanding our network rapidly and more areas will be added periodically. Also you can call customer care number 080-43404040.

12. How is the supply of Jyothi gas? Will be there be any shortage?
Ans. Jyothi Gas ensures uninterrupted supplies to its customers through its network of distributor/dealers which is supported by a dedicated logistics team. You can be rest assured that with our superior infrastructure and operations team, we are assuring the reliability of our network for your requirements.



1. I am interested in a distributorship/dealership of Jyothi Gas. What should I do?
Ans. Please fill up the enquiry form for Distributorship/ Dealership in our website or call our customer care number 080-43404040.Our Area Sales Officer will get in touch with you at the earliest.

2. I am already a distributor in the town/city. Can the Company appoint another Distributor in the same Town/city?
Ans. Yes. Company has the right to appoint any number of Distributors.


3. What will happen to my financial viability, if company appoints more Distributors in same town/city?
Ans. There is a territory ear-marked for each Distributor which is described in the letter of Appointment/Agreement. The Distributor, to whom a territory is allotted, is the exclusive supplier of domestic LPG in the said territory. No other Distributor of Jyothi gas can supply domestic LPG in that territory. However, there is no such limitation of territory for commercial/industrial LPG and any distributor of Jyothi gas can supply commercial/industrial LPG anywhere in the town/city. This provision is to take care of the interests of the company as well as dealer/distributor with regards to supply of commercial/industrial LPG, where there is severe competition from other private marketers and Government Oil Companies. Thus, the financial viability is taken care of.

4. Can I be appointed as a distributor by the company though I do not have a licensed godown?
Ans.While appointment can be made, it is necessary to construct a godown before seeking supplies. No LPG supplies can be affected to any individual/Firm/Entity until they are in possession of a licensed godown.


5. Whether a transfer of domestic connection from one person to another person can be done?
Ans. Yes, Obtain consent letters from both the transferor and the beneficiary so that there is no problem in refunding the deposit when the beneficiary surrenders the connection at a later date.


6. When a person with a domestic connection from one area, is shifting to another area, the gas connection has to be transferred?

Ans. Yes. As stated earlier, the areas of distributor are alienated for domestic connections. So, if an existing customer is shifting to area of another Distributor necessary documentation has to be done for transfer of domestic connection to the other distributor’s area.


7. Can I open a counter wherever I want? Can I appoint dealers under me?
Ans. No. If you have identified an unrepresented area, you can suggest appointment of dealers to the company. If you have an enterprising/capable person to operate as a dealer for the identified area, you can recommend his candidature to the company for the appointment. Final decision will be taken by the company in this regards.



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