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Industrial Purpose

Application of LPG For Industry

LPG can be used in many applications in the industrial sector namely in space- and process-heating, powering industrial ovens, production of food, kilns, furnaces, production of packing material as well as in powering forklift trucks in warehouses.LPG is one of the best choices of energy in this particular industry.

List of Business and Industries

LPG for Boilers
LPG for Forklifts
LPG for Drying
LPG for Ceramics
LPG for Metals
LPG for Glass
LPG for Refrigerants
LPG for Textile

Final Thoughts on the Uses of LPG

  • There are many, many more uses for LPG than listed above.
  • Cleaning, disinfecting, roofing, commercial car washes and petrochemical feedstock are just a few.
  • LPG is an amazingly versatile and transportable fuel that is an integral part of our everyday lives.


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