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Safety and well being of people is of utmost concern at all Jyothi Gas business units. Our safety view encompasses our own assets and people, as well as those of our customers, partners and the general public.

Safety Tips

Today we find that LPG is being used in almost all sectors, domestic commercial and industrial. It has proved itself to be one of the most cost-effective, less hazardous, environment-friendly fuels. Still due to some of its properties, LPG uses have been marred by accidents, which cannot be termed as sporadic incidents. LPG has to be used in accordance with certain safety measures. Incorrect use of LPG can result in explosions, fires, loss of property and most importantly, loss of lives. Do not neglect issues like leaking gas cylinders or tubes, damaged regulators, incorrect method of storage of LPG cylinders, etc.

For LPG appliances Approval:
  • Always use BIS approved appliances.
  • Obtain BIS approved rubber tubes and LPG regulators from authorized distributors only.
Always buy LPG cylinders from authorized Jyothi Gas outlets only.
Check the cylinder has been delivered with the company seal and safety cap intact.
Do not accept the cylinder if the seal is broken.
Cylinders must be installed at ground level on a level surface.
Don’t move around the cylinder by dragging, rolling on body or dropping from height.
Check to see that rubber ‘O’ ring inside the cylinder valve is present.
Check for any visible signs of leakage – through visual inspection, soap solution or smell.
Never use lighted match-sticks for checking leaks.
The cylinder must be kept away from other sources of heat.
Use only regulators and tubes with ISI Mark.
Replace the rubber tube every 6 months.
Do not panic
Open all Doors & Windows for ventilation.
Do not Switch On or Switch Off any electrical appliances in the room .
Extinguish all flames, lamps, incense sticks, etc.
Put on the Safety Cap on the cylinder.
Contact your Jyothi Gas outlet / Company immediately and ask for assistance.


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